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| ownership      =  
| ownership      =  
| headquarters    =  
| headquarters    =  
| country        = Worldwide
| country        =
| businesses      =  
| businesses      =  
| products        =  
| products        =  
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== References ==
== References ==
== External links ==
* [http://irtf.org/ Official website of IRTF]
[[Category: Companies]]
[[Category: Companies]]
[[Category: ]]

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Industry: Internet
Website: irtf.org
Facebook: IRTF
Key People
Lars Eggert, Chairman

The Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) is an International organization which promotes research of importance to the evolution of the Internet by creating focused, long-term Research Groups working on topics related to Internet protocols, applications, architecture and technology.[1]IRTF focuses on longer term research issues related to the Internet.

The Internet Activities Board (IAB) is the parent organization of the IRTF, and IETF is it's sister organization.[2]

IAB appoints the Chair of the IRTF. The IRTF Chair in consultation with the Internet Research Steering Group (IRSG) manages the IRTF. The IRSG membership includes the IRTF Chair, the chairs of the various Research Groups and other individuals (members at large) from the research community selected by the IRTF Chair.

IRTF has started the Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) from the year 2010. The winners of the first award are Mattia Rossi and Beichuan Zhang.

Research Groups

  • ASRG
  • CFRG
  • NMRG
  • RRG
  • P2PRG
  • TMRG
  • VNRG

IRSG Members

  • Lars Eggert, IRTF Chair
  • Mark Allman, At-Large Member
  • Spencer Dawkins, At-Large Member
  • Aaron Falk, At-Large Member
  • John Levine, ASRG Chair
  • David McGrew, CFRG Chair
  • Kevin Fall, DTNRG Chair
  • Stephen Farrell, DTNRG Chair
  • Jörg Ott, DTNRG Chair
  • Andrei Gurtov, HIPRG Chair
  • Tom Henderson, HIPRG Chair
  • Murari Sridharan, ICCRG Chair
  • Michael Welzl, ICCRG Chair
  • Rajeev Koodli, MOBOPTS Chair
  • Olivier Festor, NMRG Chair
  • Lisandro Granville, NMRG Chair
  • Volker Hilt, P2PRG Chair
  • Stefano Previdi, P2PRG Chair
  • Tony Li, RRG Chair
  • John Buford, SAMRG Chair
  • Thomas Schmidt, SAMRG Chair
  • Lachlan Andrew, TMRG Chair
  • Martin Stiemerling, VNRG Chair
  • Joe Touch, VNRG Chair