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Abyss, My name is Andrew and I'm working with Ray out in Portland O.R.. I'll be helping quite a bit with the management of all our various writers, the editing process, and improving our site as a whole. I've already taken a look at the articles you've posted thus far. In general the information and writing is good but you seem to have a knack for transferring fairly small articles! As long as these people are relevant (i.e. have photos/caricatures and are still involved in the ICANN and IT community as seen in their LinkedIn or other profile) then we still need them. However, I feel like there is the potential to continue to build SOME of these articles. I recently did two edits of pages you've completed and I'd like to walk you through those in an attempt to clarify what we're looking for, with the goal of improving your work for the remaining batch and continuing to hire you to help with the project.

Okay, Take a look at the edits I've completed for Garth Miller:

First of all, as you may have noticed, searches for Garth Miller turn up a few relevant articles- but many of them say exactly the same thing (regarding his work with CoCCA and there agreement with Minds + Machines). Thus, I've pulled in one more reference and built a quick statement around that. While it may not be adding much size to the article, the fact that we are now referencing the common article available for Garth means we are better representing the available information.. and building credibility through references. I also added one more sentence to clarify what CoCCA does.

Also, you had not redirected Garth's page from Please be sure to do this.

So the important thing to note here is that we added a reference to reflect the available information and that we added some specificity to make it feel like we have more information than we actually might have.

Next take a look at the edits I completed for Ajit Sharma:

First, It is is of absolute importance that you cite a reference. This article had no reference cited. Granted it is a bit of work to narrow down the many LinkedIn profiles which match the same name, but adding "Fiji" to your search would help with this. So in the first two google pages returned from the search= "Ajit Sharma" Fiji, we can see that there isn't much. But! There are a few pages with direct relevance to ICANN, and therefore very important to include. These sites are the ones that include a photograph of all the Fellows at the meeting and a list of their names. There are two: [1] and [2] Thus, we can add his fellowships as a very important piece of information which will tie him to ICANN. I then noticed that he was a fellow for an APNIC meeting, another related and important piece of info.

Secondly, It is important to note the format changes I made to his "career history" section. The way you wrote it you started with his current position and then continued with "He was...."
"He was....." etc. This repetition is unnecessary. No need to repeat his current position you had just listed above. You can begin to cite his old positions, and you can abbreviate the section by starting with his position (i.e.: Systems Analyst) followed by a comma and then the location of that position ("The University of the South Pacific")... Getting rid of all the "He was.." really cleans up the presentation.

Also I brought in a little more info from LinkedIn. Mainly his certifications. These seemed very relevant to the community, more so than say his education which I decided not to bring over. Also, I noticed his affiliations at the bottom of his LinkedIn profile, one of them was for ISOC, so while I don't know his role at ISOC I can confidently say that he is somehow associated.


SO! While this note is very long I just want to stress some minor, but very important, changes I hope to see in your work. Please include ALL possible references, Going through the first two pages of Google search results, and searching using different terms (by throwing in the country of origin, their company, or even "ICANN" into your searches) will generally turn up some good leads. Try to build something out of nothing if there is little information on the person in an effort to include more references. And, please pay attention to your formatting decisions and try to not be repetitive.

You can continue to bring over the smaller articles from the .org site, but please give it a solid attempt at trying to expand the articles. I know, for some there is very little information available. But as long as they have the phot0/caricature and are definitely still involved in the great big world of ICANN and the Internet it is important to bring them over. So, if you feel more comfortable with the short articles, by all means continue with these. But please realize that they will demand research time to turn up relevant sources.

I look forward to working with you, and I'm not making these suggestions to nag but only to help you become a better writer for our site so you can continue to work with us. Thanks for all the help, your work really is making the site significantly better. I look forward to honing in on a good technique with you. Be well, Andrew


Hi, Sure will look into these points noted by you. Will try to create better work.

New Example Section

In the community portal you will a section labeled "great people articles"; I've compiled an example of a great person article from each one of our writers, including you. Take a minute to reflect on why I chose this as your top work, the edits that have been made to it since you completed it; and please take a look at the other writers' articles, it may inspire you and help you make formatting and content decisions in the future. I certainly felt that I learned more just meticulously going through the articles. Again, thanks for all the good work. Andrew

Recent Batch

Thanks for completing your recent batch! I've finished my edits and it all looks real good on the whole. Very few copy and paste issues (which I imagine were a result of the original article from I've left maybe around a half dozen without AM initials next to them. I was hoping that you could take a look at these and attempt to break these articles into multiple sections. As is the articles have just too much information presented in very big, daunting paragraphs. Even as an editor familiar with the site I am turned off by reading information like this.

Also, there are a few marked for photo issues. If you are able to fix these, please do.

Good Work!Andrew


I have corrected the photo issues and also edited the 4 articles without AM, so that they look clean. These were the articles I directly transferred from, so I thought that they were alright and needed no formatting.

Inform me if you need any more changes.Abyss


Hi, done with editing Geir Rasmussen, German Valdez and Ginger Paque. I don't know if Hagen Hultzsch was copied or not. I transferred it directly from I think the article looks beautiful after I have divided it into sections. If you still want me to edit it, I can. But, the article I re-write will be short as usual. I guess it is better to leave it as it is because large articles are hard to come by.

Inform me if you need any more edits.Abyss

One last thing! I was hoping you could do a quick run through and just google each person's name to see if there is more information available for inclusion. I marked 3 or so that have more information available. We don't pretend that the stuff from the old site was perfect/complete, so I get the sense that there is some more stuff available on a good handful of these people. So, just a google search of the person's name - or their name along with their company name or just "ICANN"-may turn up some useful stuff. Thanks, let me know what you find! Andrew

Hi, I would like to know if you want me to run through all the 50 articles or the 3 articles you have marked. Abyss

If you could, start after my last one marked (#15) and then do some more searching for the rest of the Batch. I checked the ones up through number 15 and picked out those 3 ones for you to add to. Please do those three and find any remaining articles that have the potential for more info. Thanks Andrew

Hi, done with googling and finding additional information relating the people to ICANN. Edited the 3 articles from #1 to #14 previously and done with editing #15 to #50 today. Abyss

Thanks, I'll let Ray know you're clear for payment. Andrew

Thanks!! Abyss

Starting New Batch

I just wanted to encourage you to dig deep as you start this new batch. You are clearly very capable of doing good work, and if you would be able to put in that extra effort while you write the articles instead of after I point out the errors at the end then you'd get payments quicker and we'd both have less back and forth work. So, please make an effort to do some good searching for extra materials rather than just relying solely on the material from the old .org site. Also, if some material on the .org site looks too good to be true, put the sentences into Google to see if they are copied and pasted from another source.

Be well and good luck with the next batch! Andrew

Yeah. Sure, will do so.Abyss


To all writers: Can you start marking the top of each and every page you work on with UNDER CONSTRUCTION, when Caterina, Ray, or myself have edited and checked off on the page we will remove it. Thanks! Andrew

UPDATE: We've created an image that will make the "Under Construction" process easier: Please insert [[Image:UnderConstruction.png]] as the first text in every article you make. Thanks for putting up with the notes as we perfect this process. It is important that you begin following this new rule immediately. Be well, Stay in touch, Andrew

Jordyn Buchanan

I think you've got Bruce Tonkin's picture on Jordyn's page ... Ray

Ohh! Sorry didn't know that. Couldn't find his single image so replaced it with Portrait Coming.jpg.Abyss

No worries :-)


I am done with all the 50 articles and also edited James Seng and Ai-chin lu. Abyss

New Conference Section

I've built you a list of people from the conference, and also a company as of now. Please search these people and build whatever you can, some have old pages from the old site (ken stubbs..his needs to be fixed) and others don't. IF there is nothing available please still build a page with the name and then make a mark next to the name on the Conference Section list. Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense! Andrew

Technical Difficulties

Can you run a test? Can you try and insert in an external link to a given page, try it on my page: Andrew Merriam, and just insert a link to any external site. You should get the "captcha" box where you type in some garbled words to prove your a human being and then the link should go through. Does this work for you? Can you see the captcha box? One of our writers is not able to see the captcha box so if you could please run this test asap and get back to me on my talk page that'd be great. Thanks! Andrew

I was out of town, so couldn't respond immediately. I have tried it now and i get the captcha box and it works too.Abyss


Hi Abyss, please make note of the change in process for keeping track of your batches. There is a note on the Articles needed page explaining what is different. Thanks. Caterina


I hope to finish editing your last batch today. Two consistent issues:

  1. Start every article with the person's name in bold, you tend to forget the bolding, a small issue but it helps.
  2. It seems you need to work on pronoun use and switching up how you refer to a person to make an article more readable. I don't know if this will be difficult, please let me know if you need more guidance than what is already written on your user page.

Your articles are good, and I we'll both benefit in taking some time to work on your pronoun use to make your written english more engaging. Good work! Thanks for your attention to these matters. Andrew

  • Also, when someone has attended multiple ICANN meetings, you can just say: "John Doe is a regular attendee of ICANN meetings" and then use multiple references to lead to the different registration lists. Listing which ones they attended is only nec. for people with very little information as a type of content filler.

I have a problem with using pronouns. The ones I am using now are also being used by me with difficulty. Any help/suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciated.Abyss

Style Guidelines

I've been updating the Style Guidelines to specifically address issues that our new writers face, please take a look at it and let me know of any suggestions you have. Also I'd like to bring to all of our writers' attention the section on Forwarding Links:

"It is the writer's responsibility to wipe the old pages from icannwik.ORG and create links to the new icannwiki.COM. An example of this can be seen here. Explain in similar terms that the site is moving, that this particular article has been moved, and then point to it with a link. Something like: " is being moved to, this article has already been moved can can be found [(link) here]"."

Also, please take note of the rule below, it also addresses the procedure for wiping and linking from the old site that we will expect from everyone from now on. Thanks for you attention to this, we're trying to get a clearer system in place so please follow these new rules as you continue working. Thanks for your patience as we get this all systemized and explained! So,:

The wiped page should contain the disclaimer & link to the new site but it should also contain the category "" (with that exact spelling and capitalization). As you know, the formatting for this is: [[]]. This is the only category that the wiped pages need, it should no longer contain a "People" category. This will help us to track our progress of moving over the old site.

Company Template Changes

Hi writers,We've updated the Company template. Please make note of the changes, and pay attention to the specific formatting. We'd like the appearance of the template to be as standardized as possible. Do not delete empty fields, as they will not show up anyway. I have gone through all of the old company articles and changed them to the new template.

Thanks, Caterina


I feel like we've been waiting on you to self-edit your last batch for awhile now, are you still there?! Andrew

Sorry, but I didn't know that I had edits to do. Anyways James Seng and Ai-chin lu were edited before itself and I have edited Johannes K. Chiang, John L Clarke III, Jon Peterson, Jonathan Rosenberg and Juan Diego Calle now.

Great. next time please respond to the edits directly on your user page, They still look the same to me and It's hard to see when you write on your own page! Andrew

Okay, so thanks for taking care of those edits, but there are two pages that still need to be developed given the sources you have. Please let me know when you've had a chance to fix this! Andrew


Haven't seen you on the site in awhile? I hope you still have time to work on your batch soon. Be well, -A

Extending your vWorker deadline. Please update me on when we will be seeing your work again! Andrew

I just saw your note that you are out of town. Thanks. Andrew

Photo Uploader

Attn: The photo uploader is now working. Andrew


I am reworking the assigned batches to eliminate duplicates. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will keep you updated as I make any significant changes to your assignment. If you don't have enough articles I am in the process of completing your list.

Good to see you on the site! Andrew

Thanks!! Great that you are not angry with me :). Done with too.Abyss's already there as NameDrive. Could you please eliminate those repetitions from the list. I start working on them and later find out that they already exist. They are such a waste of time.Abyss

I have removed those from your list, please feel free to go to my user page and select any articles under the ".org" section, you will see a number of red links. Thanks.Andrew

We're Back!

We're back and looking forward to you completing your batch. Please keep up the work and keep me updated on your progress and any issues. Andrew

I have completed editing European Commission, DiploFoundation, James Seng and Joe Kraus. With this I have completed all the edits. Abyss