Imrane Ahmat Souleymane

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Affiliation: ISOC Chad
Country: Chad
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @td_imrane

Imrane Ahmat Souleymane is secretary-general and the Chad chapter of ISOC.

ICANN 55 in Marrakech, Morocco, was his first ICANN Meeting, though he has also attended IGF and INET.[1]

Career History


As the long-time Director of ISOC-Chad, Imran works in close collaboration with Abdelkerim Ousmane to design and monitor projects, as well as with the webmaster Brahim Ousmane to create and modify the website. He also participates in ICANN and ALAC meetings to maintain and strengthen relations with the Members of the ICANN Community and to enhance the contributions to ICANNWiki site through awareness-raising activities, such as the ICANNWiki Edit-a-thon.

Isoc1000 (2013)

Isoc1000 EST is a special project which trains UN and Chadian Teachers on Informatics of the law and the creation of e-mail and research on the internet. It is facilitated by the Chad chapter of ISOC. As administrator of ISOC-Chad Imran has initiated and supported initiatives that teach Chadian women correct techniques for internet usage.[2]


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