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Let me know if there is anything else you want me to do with the article, ok? Should I add a "people" section? I think you took that section out of the MarkMonitior article.

Also worked on the eNom article. made it more neutral (I see what you mean!) and deleted some of the more superfluous sentences. Changed the placement of the logo too, but left everything else. Wasn't sure if I should take anything else out.


TedErnst 17:55, 21 September 2010 (UTC)

From Miranda

Not sure if you saw my post from earlier, still getting used to this "talk" feature. Please see below:


What would you like included in company articles? I looked at some big companies over at Wikipedia (ebay, yahoo, aol), and I see what you mean by "references", but are you going to want to keep the member photo galleries? It seems like they (Wikipedia) only include linked names and titles. Let me know what you think about that. Personally, I think it would look a little more professional just writing them out and it is hard finding pictures for everyone sometimes.

Since I pulled most of my information from the company websites themselves, I might have to go back through mine again and check the NPOV. Are there any other ones you want me to look through specifically? Does the eNom article sound ok, or do I need to push it a little farther?

I did try and play around with the info box when I was working on the MarkMonitor article, but I don't know if it works quite right here. I'll try again though. It's nice that I can look at Wikipedia's source, and pull code from that.

Sorry for the paragraphs! Hope you can help. : P

Info Box

When I was talking about MarkMonitor and the info box, I meant that I tried on that article and the code from wikipedia doesn't always quite work here, they have templates set up. You'll have to look at it through the "edit" feature, but this is the code for an infobox (taken from Yahoo! article):

Template:Infobox company

There is a bunch of extra stuff that we don't need in it, but you get the idea. I started adding references too, but same deal there. I can't use the nice clean code from Wikipedia because we don't have a "references" template. Started manually putting some in as best I could. You can see some on MarkMonitor. Am I missing something? Sorry to be a bother. Mcornelius

Directi article

I think so this is the way to communicate on Wiki, I hope, you get my message. I have changed the directi article, added some new references (out of directi). I have not changed the refrence list at the bottom of the page, I will do that once we finalize the references. There might be some repetition of reference. I have added the image and also I have change the bullets. Ali

Please check the article and let me know if it needs to be edited Muhammad Ali Khalid


Looks like we need to install an extension. Unknown extension tag "references" TedErnst 17:45, 23 September 2010 (UTC)