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Country: USA
Email: jonah[at]

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Jonah is an Editor and Community Manager for ICANNWiki. He is based in Portland, OR.

Career History

ICANNWIki (2013+)

As the Editor & Community Manager of ICANNWiki, Jonah works closely with Vivian Hua as well as site director Raymond King and past editor Andrew Merriam to create and edit content for the site. He also attends all ICANN meetings in order to maintain relationships with ICANN community members and bring community awareness to the ICANNWiki site.[1]

Jonah Luke (2007+)

Jonah performs as a singer/songwriter under the stage name Jonah Luke.[2] More information on that at

PAGATIM, Inc (2011-2013)

PAGATIM creates podcasts and audio for a variety of businesses and brands. As the Production Director at PAGATIM, Jonah was in charge of producing and managing a variety of shows, a small team of producers, and a professional recording studio.


Jonah received a B.A. from Lewis & Clark College in 2011, where he majored in Hispanic Studies.


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