Joseph V. Tabone

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Country: Malta
Email: jtabone [at]

Joseph V. Tabone joined the Government of Ontario in 1963, over 30 years he held different managerial positions in education, social services and information systems.Internet Governance Forum. Currently he is the chairman at COMNET Foundation, Chairman of the Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum, member at The Today Public Policy Institute The Today Public Policy Institute and a member at DiploFoundation Research Team of Diplo Internet Governance Forum. Diplo Internet Governance Forum

Joseph V. Tabone received his education at the Lyceum in Malta and attended a variety of higher educational and training institutions in Canada. In 1963 he joined the Government of Ontario, working in various capacities largely associated with education administration and policy.

In 1989 he was seconded for one year to the Government of Malta to lead the public service reform which included the introduction of ICT systems for Government as part of a long term national ICT strategy for Malta. Between 1997 and 1999 Mr Tabone was retained as adviser by the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.CommonWealth Connect

In 2000 he was appointed to set up the Malta Communications Authority, until 2009 he was the Executive Chairman thus responsible for the oversight of the liberalisation process of the local telecommunications market. He is ICT advisor to Government and represents Malta on Internet Governance on the EU’s High Level Group (HLIG), as well as the Government Advisory Committee(GAC) of

As Chairman of COMNET Foundation for ICT Development, he represents Malta on the Steering Committee of the Commonwealth’s Connects Program on the Digital Divide and Chairman of the Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum.