Jovan Kurbalija

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Email: jovank [at]
Facebook: Facebook.png   Jovan Kurbalija
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png   @jovankurbalija

Jovan Kurbalija is the Founding Director of the DiploFoundation.[1]

Jovan was a former Yugoslavian Diplomat. He has an interest in international law, diplomacy and information technology. This interest led him to establish the Unit for IT and Diplomacy at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies in Malta. This unit later evolved into the DiploFoundation.

He is currently a faculty member at DiploFoundation and directs online learning courses on ICT and diplomacy and lectures in academic and training institutions in Switzerland, the United States, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Malta.[2]

Industry Participation

Jovan has attended WSIS[3] and was also an attendee at the ICANN's President's Strategy Committee Consultations Teleconference.[4]

He was a presentator at the INET Africa Regional Conference Cairo, Egypt.[5] He also attends IGF conferences.[6]


Jovan has published many books and articles. Including:

  • An introduction to Internet Governance[7]
  • Internet Guide for Diplomats, Knowledge and Diplomacy, Influence on IT on Diplomatic Practice, Information Technology and Diplomatic Services of Developing Countries, Modern Diplomacy and Language and Diplomacy.