Khadidiatou Dione

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Country: Senegal
Email: dijimone [at]
Facebook: Facebook.png   Khadidiatou Dione

Khadidiatou Dione lives in Dakar, Senegal where she is undertaking a degree in Law.[1] In her free time, Khadidiatou volunteers with DotConnectAfrica[2] Organization as a campaigner; she was recently involved in promotional activities for the .africa new gTLD initiative during ICANN 42.

Khadidiatou is also a part of DotConnectAfrica's program,[3] which seeks to empower young African women to take a more active role in the DNS industry.

She is interested in pursuing a career in Intellectual Property law to safeguard the DNS industry in Africa from abuse and to ensure the continent has functional dispute resolution procedures in place.[4]

Fun Fact

Khadija is a model and spends a healthy amount of time on Facebook.[5]


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