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Country: USA
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   Mehmet Akcin
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Featured in the ICANN 50 - London playing card deck

Mehmet Akcin is the Founder and CEO of EdgeUno and very active in Internet governance.


Before his current position, Mehmet held executive roles in various Fortune 500 companies such as Yahoo!, Verizon (Oath), and Microsoft. Mehmet worked as Senior Director of Global Network Infrastructure and Services Team in Yahoo! (now Verizon Media) from 2016 to 2018 responsible for global network planning and procurement. Before that, he was a director of network planning and acquisitions in the global network acquisition group at Microsoft responsible for Microsoft's global cloud infrastructure build-out together with other senior members of the industry.

ICANN Involvement and Internet Governance

Mehmet also worked at ICANN as Manager of DNS Operations at ICANN and Chief Engineer from 2007 to 2013.[1] Mehmet frequently attends Internet infrastructure meetings, peering fora, security meetings, ICANN Meetings, and other industry events to speak about various Internet technologies, such as submarine cables.

Mehmet has been part of key global Internet security improvement projects, such as DNSSEC Signing of the Root Zone and anycast expansion of L-Root DNS Server from 1 location to 150+ locations, that have improved the stability and resiliency of the Internet. In addition, Mehmet has 7 patents on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Network Security, and Domain name system.


Mehmet is a distinguished inventor with 7 granted patents to his name in the areas of Domain Names, Content Delivery Networks, and Internet Security. [2] His innovations are commonly used inside Microsoft Windows Server, Windows 1, Azure, and other various Microsoft products.

Granted Patents

  1. Mitigation of computer network attacks
  2. Secure domain name resolution in computer networks
  3. The remote purge of DNS Cache
  4. Method and system for accelerated on-premise content delivery
  5. Advanced security for domain names
  6. Defense against NXDomain Hijacking
  7. Passive delegations and records


Mehmet received his M.S. degree from Columbia University in the City of New York. He received a B.S. in Computer Science from Inter-American University of Puerto Rico-Metropolitan Campus and studied in Harvard University Program on Negotiation executive education programs. Mehmet has also studied at Istanbul Technical University. He is fluent in Turkish, English and proficient in Spanish.[3]