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Organization: NBS
Region: Africa
Country: Sudan

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Moamin Hamad Moamin hamad is an ICANNWiki Ambassador. He is CEO of NBS, which works in many areas in localizing Internet technology, qualifying leaders, and contributing with the Internet community towards the future.

Moamin Hamad engineer contributed to planning in the management of informational and technical jobs in his country and founded the first TV television for Sudan Open University for IT, Television.

He works with EAC to develop mechanisms and innovation for Internet technologies and strategies to develop the Internet community and collaborate with ICANN's institutions.

Eng. Moamin Hamad drew early attention to forming a sustainable creative internet industry to enhance horizontal and vertical development of media institutions and small and medium-sized societies.

Create complex machines in his country.

In addition to preparing and designing technical specifications for a number of media institutions in the Middle East and North Africa; the development of decision-making mechanisms in the implementation of their administrative and financial tasks to enhance the institution's strength through Internet technologies and solutions.

He has extensive experience in Internet, information, and media organizations with 30 years of experience

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

  • Participated in more than one ICANN Stakeholder Program in the Middle East and Africa, and joined the organization and interested follower since 2008
  • He was previously a member of my ccTLD / IDN ccTLD Sudan at National Information Technology Center, plus a representative member in East and Central Africa and member of ISOC and ICANN at ccNSO, and participant in IETF and IGF
  • Alternative IDN Project - ccNSO / gNSO IDN Working Group, Incident Response Working Group (IRWG), Strategic and Operational Planning Interaction Committee, and Broad Community Working Group on Geographical Regions
  • Participated with all stakeholder groups (governments, private sector, civil society, academia, and technical community) on technical participation and capacity development.
  • consulting services on Internet governance, policy development, writing reports, creating and modifying Internet-related content, and everything related to Internet governance, and providing translation services (mainly in the Internet field) from English to Arabic and vice versa. The entities I have worked with include Hivos, Diplo Foundation, and Mli Group.


  • Bachelor Communication Engineering and Electronics

Diploma Radio and TV Arts Academy for Communication Sciences Sudan

  • Master's degree in Management and Systems