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Industry: Information Technology
Founded: 2002
Headquarters: Level 9 Grand Arcade Tower

16 Willis St.
Wellington, 6011

Country: New Zealand
Website: http://nzrs.net.nz
Key People
Jay Daly, CEO

Dave Baker, Chief Technical Officer
Sue Carter, Administration
Manuella Vetta, Support Analyst
Sebastian Castro, DNS Specialist

.nz Registry Services (NZRS)

In 2016 the InternetNZ Council initiated an organisational review of the InternetNZ group (InternetNZ, the Domain Name Commission and NZRS). The outcome from the proposal and public consultation was that from 1 April 2018, all the work of InternetNZ and NZRS was streamlined under one banner; InternetNZ. NZRS ceased to exist, and its people and services have been integrated into InternetNZ.

The following content was true when NZRS was in function.


NZRS supervises the business operations of New Zeland's .nz ccTLD. It is a limited liability company fully owned by InternetNZ, a non-profit open membership organization dedicated to promoting coordinated development and protecting the Internet community in New Zealand. [1]

The Domain Name Commission Ltd. (DNCL), a sister company of NZRS, is responsible for the approval of registrars as well as the implementation of policies, and monitoring of the service level agreements, for the .nz domain name.

At present, the wholesale domain name fee for NZRS is $1.25 per month per domain name. Authorized registrars are able to set their own retail price for .nz domain name.[2]

Dispute and Complaint Process

NZRS is a listing service and the .nz DNS operates on a “first come first serve” policy. The DNCL will only participate in a dispute if a complainant believes that there is a breach in the .nz agreement or policies. A complaint must be filed in writing within 60 days after the incident occured and should be directed to the appropriate party.

If the parties involved are not able to come up with an acceptable resolution, the issue will be presented to the DNCL for investigation. The DNCL has the discretion to refer the case to a government agency such as the Commerce Commission, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, or to the Privacy Commissioner.[3]

Technical Community Membership

NZRS is a member of the following technical communities: [4]

1. International Systems Consortium- is a non-profit organization, producer and distributor of world class Open Source software for the Internet Community and maker of Bind, the most popular open source DNS software. It is also one of the pioneers in DNS security and research. [5]

2. DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center-a leading organization that brings together operators, implementers, security providers and researchers to discuss their concerns, share information, and learn together through a trusted platform. [6]

3. Internet Assigned Numbers Association- an organization operated by ICANN, which is responsible for the global coordination of the DNS root system, IP addressing, and other protocol resourcing.[7]

4. Registration Infrastructure Security- is a global group composed of domain registries and registrars as well as law enforcement agencies working together to fight Internet identity theft.[8]

5. NZ Network Operators Group- is an online community of network operators which facilitates discussions and conferences to create an avenue for technical information exchange among network operators in New Zealand.[9]