R S Mani

Organization: National Informatics Centre
Country: India
Email: rsm [at] nic.in

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R. S. Mani is a technocrat working as a Deputy Director General in National Informatics Centre (NIC) [1], Government of India (GOI), Chief Architect of Aarogya Setu Project and serving as Project Head of NKN (National Knowledge Network)[2] which has brought bandwidth revolution in India and now helping the Digital India initiative, a flagship program of GOI. With more than 25 years of rich experience in various technologies including Networks, Security, Embedded Systems, Virtualisation, Cloud computing, Messaging etc, Mr. Mani has designed and implemented numerous networks (including NKN, NICNET), applications and cyber security apps. To further enhance collaboration and research, Mr. Mani is fulfilling the vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi by extending NKN interconnections with SAARC countries, for cooperation and contribution in education and other aspects of knowledge sharing including Health Care Services.


Mr. Mani as a firm believer of the quote by our Ex-President Late Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a scientist and researcher himself quoted, “To succeed in your mission, you must have single minded devotion to your goal.” Lines which Mr. Mani followed and put all his efforts in implementing NKN. Under his leadership the National Knowledge Network (NKN) has established a strong and robust network which is capable of providing secure and reliable connectivity. In India, NKN with its multi-gigabit capability aims to connect all universities, research institutions, libraries, laboratories, healthcare and agricultural institutions across the country to address such paradigm shift. Due to his relentless pursuit for building a platform that empowers the researchers and scientists in India, NKN is now being looked not only as the harbinger of change in our knowledge society but also as the backbone that will deliver the much-required impetus to R&D initiatives. Being the selfless person that he is, since the time NKN was conceptualised, he focused in implementing his design and achieving his vision. Especially in implementing and making NKN a globally recognized network. For bridging the gaps between various silos of networks in the country and bring them under a single high-speed umbrella for effective delivery of services. For enabling educationists across India to share classrooms through Virtual Classes. Students, the future of our nation has been given a chance to be what they want to be due to this service and deployed by him. Through Mr. Mani’s efforts and passionate commitment to building an information highway and with the services that he has deployed on this high-speed lane he has enabled a nation to overcome the limitations of bandwidth.


  • Chair, Board of Governors, Asia Connect [3]

Personal life

Mr. Mani is married to Kumud Iyer. They have 2 children, Vidya Iyer and Gayatri Iyer. His first language is English. In addition to English, he speaks Hindi and Tamil fluently.