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NKN Logo Image.png
Type: public
Industry: Internet & Technology
Founded: 2010
Ownership: Government of India
Headquarters: New Delhi
Country: India
Businesses: Educational and Research Institutions
Employees: 2000
Key People
Dr. Rajagopala Chidambaram,
Prof.S V Raghavan,
Dr.B K Gairola,
Mr. R S Mani

National Knowledge Network (NKN) is a multi-gigabit, national research, and education network, whose purpose is to provide a unified high-speed network backbone for educational and research institutions in India. The network is managed by the National Informatics Centre.


The NKN is a hierarchical network divided into three basic layers – ultra-high speed CORE (multiples of 10 Gbit/s; Level 1), Distribution (Level 2), and Edge (speeds of 1 Gbit/s or higher; User Level). Depending on the type of connectivity required by the user organization, geographical presence, and the location of Point of presence (PoP) of NKN, (belonging to Core and Distribution), connectivity would be provided to the institutes. NKN backbone will typically have 18 Core PoPs and around 25 Distribution PoPs across the country. Multiple bandwidth providers will create the NKN backbone and any service provider can provide the edges.

The network is designed to support Overlay Networks, Dedicated Networks, and Virtual Networks. Advanced applications in areas such as Health, Education, Science & Technology, Grid Computing, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, and Governance will be an integral part of NKN. The entire network will seamlessly integrate with the global scientific community at multiple gigabits per second speed.

IP and ASn resources

National Knowledge Network has got the following resources from APNIC for Asia-Pacific Region.

IPv6 Segment—

1. 2405:8A00::/32

2. 2409::/28

3. 240A:E000::/20

IPv4 Segment—

AS Numbers—




IPv6 implementation

NKN has got 2405:8A00::/32 IPv6 block from APNIC, Regional Internet Registry for Asia-Pacific Region and allocating /48 block to every connected member institution.[1]

/48 is allocated to the connected member so that the member institute can do multi-homing if required.


NKN is DNSSEC enabled.[2]


Event Where When Organizer
GARUDA-NKN Partners Meet 2013 [3] [4] SAIACS CEO Center Auditorium, Bangalore 25 & 26 July 2013[5] C-DAC and NKN [6] [7]
GARUDA-NKN Partners Meet 2014[8] NIAS Auditorium, IISC Campus, Bangalore 19 & 20 September 2014 C-DAC and NKN
GARUDA-NKN Partners Meet 2015[9] NIAS Auditorium, IISC Campus, Bangalore 10 & 11 September 2015 C-DAC and NKN
GARUDA-NKN Partners Meet 2016[10] NIAS Auditorium, IISC Campus, Bangalore 8 & 9 September 2016 C-DAC and NKN

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