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'''MarkMonitor''' is a global leader in the fast-growing market for online corporate identity management and protection. It was founded in 1997 and has its headquarters in San Francisco, with regional offices and centers in London, Boise, Washington DC, and New York. They safeguard the brands of more than half of the Fortune 100, with companies including [ Facebook], [ Google] and the [ Wikimedia Foundation].
MarkMonitor offers enterprises the ability to both establish and secure their brands<ref>[ "Nielsen's Whiting Joins MarkMonitor Board"]. ''Brand Week''. Retrieved July 14, 2010.</ref>. MarkMonitor’s exclusive access to data, combined with its real-time prevention, detection and response, enables a more secure Internet experience for companies and the customers of those companies. MarkMonitor was the 43rd largest domain name registrar in terms of number of registered domains in 2007.

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