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Playing Card Sponsor

Sponsor for exposure. For the ultimate exposure at an ICANN meeting, sponsor a Playing Card Deck for $20,000. With the revival of ICANNWiki, the longstanding tradition of Playing Cards has had a major glow-up, and your organization will receive the credit for keeping it going. See all Playing Card Decks to learn more.


  1. Sponsors can decide who goes on a maximum of 6 cards, 4 of which can be of their choosing in addition to the 2 jokers. One individual per organization can be represented per the entire deck.
  2. Sponsors can brainstorm, collaborate, and give input on the deck theme before the artist begins making the illustrations. After the artist begins designing and drawing the deck, they have creative license to create and draw the cards.
  3. Sponsors can and should offer input and feedback on the card back and box but this information must be provided as early in the process as possible and at least 3 weeks before the deck design is sent to the cardmaker to ensure that the decks are made and shipped in time for the ICANN meeting.
  4. ICANNWiki generally makes and ships 1,000 decks, which sponsors can hand out at their booth.
Annual Impact Sponsor

Sponsor for year-round impact. Ensure that ICANNWiki remains an indispensable, independent resource for everyone interested in Internet Governance, managed by the community for the community.

Bronze Sponsor
Silver Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Prominent thanks on the ICANNWiki Main Page Bronze benefits, plus:
Your company logo on the back of the Playing Card Deck https://icannwiki.org/Playing_Cards
Silver benefits, plus:
Direct how we use your donation. Options include but not limited to:
Listed as a sponsor for now and ever ICANNWiki staff member working on articles about your organization and interests Co-sponsor an Edit-a-thon
Company logo on ICW t-shirts T-Shirts
Our everlasting love
Selection of featured articles/series on the Main Page Your logo on all giveaways, like the custom City Guides
link=http://icannwiki.org/ICANNWiki Quick Guide

Special thanks to our sponsors, both past and present.