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The Statement of Participation is an outcome of the first recommendation listed in PDP 3.0, which called for terms of participation for members of GNSO Working Groups. This agreement is meant to address several common problems in working group dynamics.

The Pledge

When people volunteer to join a working group, they must first agree to:

  • Cooperate with fellow members to reach consensus
  • Abide by working methods & rules of engagement
  • Treat all members with civility
  • Act in a reasonable, objective, and informed manner
  • Make best efforts to attend meetings & complete assignments
  • Act in accordance with ICANN's Expected Standards of Behavior
  • Adhere to applicable conflict of interest policies
  • Adhere to Anti-Harassment Policy, Terms of Participation, and Complaint Procedures


While the pledge as a whole is not yet overtly enforceable, the leaders of WGs & the members of the GNSO Council can restrict participation in the event of non-compliance with ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior.


The statement of participation comes from the first recommendation listed in PDP 3.0, which is a document deriving from an initiative taken by the GNSO Council in January 2018 to improve the effectiveness and inclusivity of its PDP. The GNSO tested the work products of 14 (out of 17) recommendations on EPDP teams[1] before sharing its findings with other ICANN bodies in a webinar on September 15, 2020.[2]