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|portrait  = StephaneBoutinetPortrait.JPG
|caricature = 368px-StephaneBoutinetCaricature.jpg
|email=stephane.boutinet [at] namebay.com
|affiliation= Namebay
|country   = France
|email     = stephane.boutinet [at] namebay.com
|website   = [http://www.namebay.com/ Official Website of Namebay]
|facebook   = [http://www.facebook.com/stephane.boutinet Facebook ID]
'''Stephane Boutinet''' is the Managing Director of [[Namebay]].  
'''Stephane Boutinet''' is the Managing Director of [[Namebay]].  

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Country: France
Email: stephane.boutinet [at] namebay.com

LinkIcon.png   http://www.namebay.com/

Facebook: Facebook.png   Stephane Boutinet

Stephane Boutinet is the Managing Director of Namebay.

Stephane is the voting member for Namebay within the GNSO council[1]