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Country: Belgium
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Steve Gobin is the Registrar Liaison Manager for ICANN, acting out of the organization's Brussels office.[1] Gobin acts as the primary point of contact within ICANN for European registrars and offers a variety of service support to ICANN stakeholders in the region, as well as overall support related to ICANN's accreditation process.[2][3]


Gobin has a Masters degree in Translation from the University of Mons (Belgium). He is a native French speaker, fluently speaks and writes in German and English, has a business knowledge of Dutch and a conversational knowledge of Danish.[4]

Career History

He has been working in the domain name industry for more than eight years. Before joining ICANN, Steve was an Account Manager at EURid.[5] He has also managed the ROLEX group's domain name portfolio and has also assisted the company's legal department regard Internet Disputes. He has worked at PSINet, Europe's DNS department, where he dealt with customers having global domain name portfolios.[6]