Vicente Landim

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Country: Brazil

Vicente Landim is coordinator for software services, informatics applications, and general NIC.BR coordinator within Brazil's Ministry of Science and Technology.[1]


Mr. Landim frequently participates in industry conferences, including:

  • Participant, Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO meetings in Geneva, September 7 to 15, 1998.[2]
  • Speaker, Sixth Regional Consultation within the framework of the WIPO Internet Domain Name Process on October 13, 1998 held in Asuncion, Paraguay.[3]
  • Information Society Meetings, 2000.[4]
  • Participant, meetings 2001 & 2002.[5] [6] [7]
  • Participant, ICANN Public Meetings in Montevideo, Uruguay on September 7-10, 2001.[8]
  • Participant, ICANN's Transition Board of Directors Meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in March, 2003.[9]
  • Staff Coordinator, ICANN Board Meetings in 2006.[10]