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Coordination Center for TLD RU.JPG
Type: Non-Profit Organization
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2001
Headquarters: 123242 Moscow, Zoologicheskaya

str., 8 Metro station

Country: Russia
Key People
Andrei Kolesnikov, CEO

The Coordination Center for TLD RU (CC for TLD RU) is a non-commercial organization responsible for managing the registry operations of the .ru ccTLD and the .РФ IDN ccTLD for Russia. The organization ensures the security and stability of the registration system and the DNS infrastructure for both TLDs. CC for TLD RU was established in 2001, and Andrei Kolesnikov serves CEO of the organization.[1]

New gTLDs

Application for .ДЕТИ (.CHILDREN) new gTLD

In November, 2011, the Coordination Center for TLD RU announced its plan to apply for the .ДЕТИ (.children) gTLD under ICANN's new gTLD expansion program. According to CC for TLD RU CEO Andrei Kolesnikov, the proposed .ДЕТИ new gTLD will be restricted for use by young internet users. He said that the initiative was inspired by the success of the .РФ IDN ccTLD. [2]

The Smart Internet Foundation, founded by the CC for TLD RU in 2011 to create a safe, stable and captivating Internet playground for younger audiences, filed an application for .ДЕТИ (.children) on April 17, 2012. In a statement Kolesnikov said, "We hope to gain ICANN's approval and, in a year or so, to start creating an unique Internet space for kids where Russia's small citizens will have lots of fascinating experiences suitable for them while being protected from inappropriate content." [3]

Other ICANN Involvement

As CEO of the company, Mr. Kolesnikov actively represents CC for TLD RU in the different activities and meetings of ICANN. He was a member of the GNSO Council from September 2009 to 2011.


The management of the .ru ccTLD was initially handled by the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN) after it was commissioned by the largest internet service providers in Russia in 1993. These ISPs signed a compromise agreement on the terms and conditions on how to manage the .ru ccTLD. They also established a coordination group composed of 28 experts from telecommunication companies and academic networks to create registration policies for the ccTLD. In 1999, the Coordination Group for .ru ccTLD decided to transfer the responsibility of registering second level domain names from the RIPN to independent accredited registrars. RIPN remained the manager of the technical operations of the .ru ccTLD. In 2001, the RU Center became the first registrar, a subsidiary of RIPN. Garant-Park-Telecom was the second accredited registrar for .ru ccTLD.[4]

In 2001, the Coordination Center for TLD RU (CC for TLD RU) was created by the Regional Nongovernmental Center of Internet Technologies, Union of Internet Operators and the Association of Documental Telecommunications. These are public organizations in Russia that represent the interests of Internet users, operators of communication services, government agencies and entrepreneurs. Since its establishment, the Coordination Center for TLD RU has been responsible for accrediting registrars for the .ru ccTLD. In 2002, all the responsibilities of the Coordination Group for .ru ccTLD were transferred to Coordination Center for TLD RU. RIPN handles the technical functions including the maintenance of the database of registered domain names, providing technical support for .ru ccTLD and the domain name system (DNS) of Russia.[4]

On January 4, 2006, the .ru ccTLD was officially delegated to the CC for TLD RU by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).[5]

On March 25, 2007, CC for TLD RU formalized its relationship with the ICANN and its commitment to help ensure the security, stability and interoperability of the internet domain name system (DNS) through an exchange letter between Andrey Romanov, director of CC for TLD RU and Paul Twomey, ICANN CEO and President. In 2009, CC for TLD RU and the Internet Development Foundation co-founded the Internet Technical Center (ITC), which took over the responsibilities of the RIPN.

On May 13, 2010, ICANN approved the IDN ccTLD .РФ, the Cyrillic script for Russian Federation. [6]

Accredited Registrars

The CC for TLD RU granted accreditation to 25 registrars operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg and Samara. A complete list of accredited registrars for .ru and .РФ ccTLDs is available here.