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DNS Stability Panel is responsible for reviewing proposed new TLD applicantions to ensure that it will not harm the security and stability of the Internet. The panel is one of multiple review panels that make up the initial evaluation process for new gTLD applications.[1]

The Interisle Consulting Group was selected by the ICANN Board for the DNS Stability Panel in November, 2011.[2] [3] In 2009, the company was also selected by ICANN to perform technical string requirement evaluations for requested IDN ccTLDs under the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process.[4] Under the IDN ccTLD Fastrack Process the panel will review strings for confusability with the existing ISO-3166-1 two-letter codes, existing TLDs and other requested TLDs as well as with proposed gTLDs under the new gTLD program.[5]

DNS Stability Panel Reviews

The DNS Stability Panel has already evaluated 46 strings for similarity. Twenty nine (29) countries and territories that requested IDN ccTLDs passed the string evaluation phase and 21 were already delegated to the DNS root zone.[6] Two IDN ccTLDs were rejected by the DNS Stability: the Bulgarian request for the .бг IDN ccTLD, which was deemed confusingly similar to the .br ccTLD for Brazil;[7] and .ελ, which supposed to be the IDN ccTLD counterpart of .gr for Greece. The panel did not approve .ελ because it confusingly similar to the latin string .EA, a non-existent TLD.[8] The GAC has responded to these rejections following consultations at ICANN 44 in Prague, noting that the reviews are being too conservative and are not allowing the proper national expansion of the DNS. It urged the ICANN Board to reevaluate these decisions.[9]

Related Panels

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