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ICANN's IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process was created to enable ccTLD managers to request an expedited evaluation of internationalized versions of their country's top-level domain.[1] Countries with an Alpha-2 code on the ISO 3166-1 Standard are allowed to apply for an IDN ccTLD in scripts other than Latin.[1] The strings must comply with all requirements in the Final Implementation Plan (FIP) for the process.[2]


The ICANN Board approved the FIP for the IDN Fast Track Process at ICANN 36 in October, 2009[3] The Process was launched on November 16, 2009.[4] The first IDN requests, from Egypt, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, were approved in January 2010.[5]

ICANN reports that as of May 2020, sixty-two string requests had passed through the Fast Track Process, on behalf of forty-three different countries.[1] As of March 2021, a total of seventy strings (including requested variant strings for a specific country) have passed through the process.[4] India accounts for fifteen IDNs, representing four languages in fifteen scripts.[6]

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