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Country: USA
Email: tina.dam [at] gmail.com

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Tina Dam is the former director of the IDN program at ICANN.[1] She resigned in January 2011.[2] Tina is the co-Founder and CEO of a new consultancy company, MyTLD focused on new gTLDs.[3][4] In addition, she is currently writing a book on the history of IDNs, and consulting for ICANN as their IDN Advisor.

Ms. Dam is a recognized authority on IDNs and the DNS. Her work has been influential in creating a global Internet through the creation and implementation of IDNs.[5]

She is also currently acting as the COO of .music.[6]

Career History

Ms. Dam joined ICANN in 2003 as Chief gTLD Registry Liaison, where she was responsible for developing ICANN's gTLD Registry functions, and defining and managing processes in accordance with consensus policies and ICANN agreements for servicing the gTLD registries.[7]

In January 2006, Tina was appointed Senior Director of ICANN's IDN Program. In this capacity, she developed and managed all IDN-related projects as ICANN focused on the deployment of worldwide TLDs.[8]

Before working with ICANN, Tina worked with an ICANN-accredited company Ascio Technologies, formerly known as SpeedNames. At Ascio, Tina supervised the launch of the TLDs .biz, .info and .name as well as many other ccTLDs and general domain products. Prior to joining Ascio, Tina worked at Navision Software as a Systems Architecture Engineer, where she helped in developing the architecture of the company's next generation of products.[9]


Tina holds a Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics from the Aalborg University in Denmark and a BBA in Marketing Management and International Trade from Copenhagen Business School.[10]