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Type: Privately held
Industry: Internet
Founder(s): Constantine Roussos
Tina Dam
Country: USA
Blog: myTLD Blog
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@MyTLD
Key People
Constantine Roussos & Tina Dam, Management Team

MyTLD is a domain name management and consultancy service provider that was co-founded and is managed by Constantine Roussos, a domain name strategist & expert in search engine and social media optimization, and Tina Dam, a former member of the ICANN Board with particular expertise in the Domain Name System (DNS) and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).[1]


The company provides a comprehensive and globally accessible "DNS Backend Registry Technology Solutions" that complies with the registry requirements set by the ICANN for IDNs, DNSSEC and IPv6. MyTLD also provides advanced "Search-Optimized TLD Solutions" to encourage the market visibility of the TLD.[2]

MyTLD also offers new gTLD application and consultancy services. On April 15, 2012, the company announced its new gTLD application service offerings for interested applicants who were unable to submit their applications ahead of the March 29 deadline, as it already had extra spaces in the TAS application system. The company offered the following services as a bundle on a first come, first serve basis:[3]

  • gTLD application writing and submission
  • TAS account for the gTLD application
  • Newly formed company corresponding to the TAS account

ICANN Involvement

MyTLD's management team, Constantine and Tina, are actively involved in the different activities and meetings of ICANN. Tina is a former staff member of ICANN, serving as chief gTLD Registry Liaison and IDN Director. During her term, she helped in the policy development and launching of previous rounds of new gTLDs. She was involved in the development of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Program and other IDN related projects. She is also an active participant in the different meetings of the Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD), Latin American and Caribbean TLD Association (LACTLD); DNS Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC); and other related bodies. She also developed video presentations and tutorials regarding IDNs for the United States Department of Commerce and for all ICANN Supporting organizations and advisory committees including the GNSO, ccNSO, ALAC and GAC. [4]

Constantine and Tina also launched the .music initiative,[5] and offered free IDN Training sessions for IDN TLD applicants.[6]