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Country: USA


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Constantine Roussos is the Founder & CEO at DotMusic, a TLD Name Extension Web Address. He is also the Founder & CEO at and, CEO at CGR Ecommerce Ltd, co-Founder of Uni-Kit /, and owner of Roussos Group of companies.[1] Mr. Russous is also working with Tina Dam on MyTLD, a new gTLD consultation that the two founded together.[2] The company fits is a part of his CGR Ecommerce Ltd, his more general Internet consultancy.[3]

He has also been an active ICANN community participant in regards to the launch of new TLDs, Internationalized Domain Names and ICANN-policy-making.

Other Work

Constantine Roussos also is the founder and editor of, an online marketing, branding and web development company, with clients such as UFC champion Chuck Liddel.

Mr. Roussos is also involved in what appears to be a family group of companies, the Roussos Group, which has been active since 1975; his involvement began in 1999.[4] The company is involved in construction, land development, international trade, entertainment, in addition to Constantine's TLD and domain related initiatives.[5]

Education and Public Speaking

Russos has an Executive Education degree from Harvard Business School and an MBA from Pepperdine University. He has also studied Music Business at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Professional Music at the Musician's Institute, Hollywood.

Constantine Russos has spoken at Harvard Business School, USC, UCLA, NYU, Georgetown University, Pepperdine University, ICANN, Social Media Week, CMJ, Future of Music Coalition Summit, Popkomm and San Francisco Music Tech. He has also received numerous awards, including “Top Business Plan” at USC’s Entrepreneur Program.[6]

Music Background

He is the pioneer and architect behind .music, the proposed community-based TLD name and industry standard for official music websites. Its specialized web address enhances a brand's visibility online.[7] Prior to launching .music he had been involved in the music industry for about a decade. He has been an affiliate of brands that include Sony Music, BMG Music, Apple, Amazon, Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Napster, Rhapsody and Guitar Center. He has also engineered and produced music records with artists such as Katie Quinlan, Some Change from Us, A Pigeon's Rhythm, A Family of Snail, and David Silverman. He is, himself, a musician and singer-songwriter.[8]

Career History

Co-Founder, MyTLD, 2011-Present.

Owner, Roussos Group of Companies, 2007-Present.

Founder & CEO, /, 2002-Present.

Co-Founder , Uni-Kit /, 2001-Present.

CEO, CGR Ecommerce Ltd., 2000-Present.