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Status: Delegated
Type: Generic
Category: Technology
Priority #: 186 - Donuts (Pioneer Gardens, LLC)
223 - Dot Tech LLC

1642 - Uniregistry, Corp.

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.help is a gTLD that was proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. After a Private auction in May 2014, Uniregistry became the only applicant for the string. Uniregistry is now the Registry Operator, and .help was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on the 16th August 2014.[1]


Successful Applicant

  1. Uniregistry, Corp.[2]

Previous Applicants

  1. Donuts (Pioneer Gardens, LLC) - This applicant submitted a Public Interest Commitment, which can be downloaded here.
  2. Dot Tech LLC

Private Auction

In a private auction conducted by Applicant Auction in May 2014, Uniregistry won the rights to .help over the other two applicants for an undisclosed amount.[3]

Contract Signed

On 26th June 2014, Uniregistry received a Registry Agreement signed by ICANN for .help after passing the Initial Evaluation.[4]

Delegation and Availability

.help was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on the 16th August, 2014, completing the successful application for the string.[5]


The Registry announced that the Sunrise Period for the string would begin on the 3rd September 2014, and end on the 3rd November 2014.[6]


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