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Status: Active
Registry Provider: Neustar
Type: Generic
Category: Commerce
Priority #: 732 - dotCOOL, Inc.

More information: NTLDStatsLogo.png

.qpon is an active gTLD that was proposed in ICANN's New gTLD Program. The Registry and manager of the TLD is dotCOOL, Inc.[1] The proposed application succeeded and was delegated to the Root Zone on 12 February 2014.[2]

Application Details

The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18

".QPON’s mission is to provide a secure and reliable domain name registry service that helps consumers find great deals and offers on a wide variety of products and services without needing to search endlessly to find them.

Our purpose is to foster healthy competition in the current TLD space by allowing anyone in the world to register a useful and meaningful domain name that allows them to promote deals and great offers while making it easy for consumers to save money. .. The .QPON registry will implement standard registration policies following international best practices to best inform and protect registrants, allowing anyone in the world to register a .QPON domain. There will be no specific business rules or limitations put on those wishing to register a .QPON domain, allowing for a simple and unencumbered registration process. The creation of the policies governing a new TLD is often one of those most daunting and time-consuming tasks; therefore, we are working closely with Neustar, our back-end registry services provider, and its policy and legal team, which has many years of domain industry experience, including specific experience in working with ICANN, constructing consensus policies, devising sunrise and land rush processes, and creating TLD specific policies. All policies will be in accordance with those outlined in the “Draft New gTLD Registry Agreement,” including, but not limited to, Specification 1 – Consensus Policies and Temporary Policies, Specification 5 – Schedule of Reserved Names at the Second Level in gTLD Registries, Specification 7 – Minimum Requirements for Rights Protection Mechanisms, and Specification 9 – Registry Operator Code of Conduct."[3]

Contract Signed

On 14 November 2013, dotCOOL, Inc. received a Registry Agreement signed by ICANN for .qpon after passing all the required processes needed to become a Registry Operator for the string.[4]

Delegation and Availability

.qpon was delegated to the Root Zone of the DNS on 12 February, 2014, completing the successful application for the string.[2]