ABC Namebank

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Type: Privately Held
Founded: 1982
Founder(s): Naseem Javed
Country: USA
Key People
Naseem Javed, Founder

ABC Namebank is a Toronto and New York based-company that provides global naming and branding solutions. Their services cover issues related to brand identities, naming architecture, ICANN issues, and global cyber-branding and trademark solutions.[1] The company was started by speaker, writer, and gTLD expert Naseem Javed in 1982. It is offering information and services related to Brand TLDs and brands wishing to brand through gTLDs.[2]

Mr. Javed was a moderator for an official ICANN educational event that was part of the "gTLD Roadshow" where former ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom and other ICANN Staff travelled the world educating individuals and entities about the possibilities inherent in ICANN's New gTLD Program.[3]


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