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Tagi logo.JPG
Type: Privately Held
Industry: Intellectual Property Services
Founder(s): Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
Ownership: TAG-org
Headquarters: Amman
Country: Jordan
Key People
Mr. Mahmoud Lattouf

AG-IP Renewals is the first and only Intellectual Property renewal service available in the Arab region. It is one of the services offered by Abugazalleh Intellectual Property, the largest IP service provider in the region.

AG-IP-Renewals is responsible in processing trademark renewals, patents, domain names and other Intellectual Property Rights. Trademark owners and legal firms can easily monitor and maintain the status of their registered IPRs and renew it just one click using the AG-IP-Renewals' tools.[1]

All registered trademarks are entered into the AG-IP Renewals database making the renewal process easy. A client hast to give an instruction to an AGIP staff to renew the trademark and a client’s complete account and portfolio will be available in a few hours.[2]