Association Task Force and Academic Research in Law, Economics Business and Information Society

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Type: Non-Profit
Industry: Research
Country: Argentina
Facebook: Ageia Densi
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@ageia_densi
Key People
Franco Giandana, International Director
Juan Manuel Rojas, President Colombian Chapter

AGEIA DENSI (Association Task Force and Academic Research in Law, Economics Business and Information Society) Argentina is a non-profit, multidisciplinary civil organization comprised of young professionals and university students from different backgrounds dedicated to promoting academic research and information dissemination on legal, economic and social issues through the information society.

Ageia Densi has different chapters located in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and the Netherlands.[1]


The organization's mission is to promote study, research and to disseminate information about important economic, social and legal issues and their relationship with technology in a multidisciplinary way under the context of the information society. The organization also aims to increase community awareness and encourage effective and responsible use of technology as well as to create legal and institutional solutions to issues affecting the Internet users and the governance of the Internet.[2]


The organization has the following specific objectives:[3]

  • Participation in different ICANN activities and discussions
  • Train its members and the local community in Capacity Building, Empowerment and Outreach through Law, Economy, Business and Information Society (LEBIS) at the National Law University in Cordoba.
  • Maintain the organization's commitment towards free culture, open standards, Internet neutrality and academic research.


The organization established partnerships with different organizations including the Computer Law Association of Argentina (ADIAR), American Network of Information Law, Stolen Identity, Latin American Studies Association (LASA), ICANN, ALAC, LACRALO, WIPO and many others to achieve its objectives.[4]


In December 2006, AGEIA DENSI participated in the establishment of the Latin America Caribbean Regional At-Large Organization (LACRALO) and is one of the At-Large Structures that signed the Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN. Its members are active participants in ICANN activities and some of them hold important positions in LACRALO, ALAC and the GNSO; including Andres Piazza who serves as the current president of LACRALO, and Carlos Aguirre who acts as a representative there. In addition, some of its members are recipients of various scholarships related to the study of the internet such as the Regional Preparatory Forums of IGF, School of the South Internet Governance and ICANN Fellowship Forum.[5]