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Country: Argentina


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Andres Piazza is an Argentinian Lawyer from Cordoba, who works in computer law and consulting. Since May 2011 he has been the Public Affairs Officer at LACNIC.[1]

He is former President of ICANN's Latin American and Caribbean Regional At Large Organization (LACRALO).[1] He stepped down in July, 2011 due to work commitments.[2] At ICANN, he is also AGEIA DENSI´s representative for LACRALO from Argentina, given that he is a research director at AGEIA DENSI.[3]

Mr. Piazza holds a number of other leadership and advisory positions, such as; policy advisory board member at dotMobi, senior advisor at Derecho y Tecnologia, and policy advisor at ColorIURIS A.I.E. Andres Piazza has received grants and awards to pursue his studies in, and fund his presentations on, internet governance.[1]

Andres Piazza is also a professor of law and technology at the Universidad Blas Pascal.[1]


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