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Type: Non-profit
Industry: Intellectual Property
Founded: 1987
Ownership: TAG-org
Headquarters: Ammam
Country: Jordan

AIPMAS, or the Arab Intellectual Property, Mediation and Arbitrations Society, is an organization supported by the Arab Society responsible for protecting Intellectual Property (IP) and helping to resolve IP related conflicts through international arbitrators.


AIPMAS was created as a result of the meeting by the Arab Society regarding Industrial Property held in Munich, Germany on February 23, 1987, whena majority of the professionals who attended the event voiced out their concerns regarding the practices and protection of trademarks, patents and industrial property. During the meeting in Munich, 140 individuals supported the creation of AIPMAS, which was originally called the “Arab Society for the Protection of Industrial Property.” During the meeting, 40 representatives were elected to the Board of Directors of the Society. [1]

Its first objective was to create national societies to create awareness regarding the importance of industrial property within the Arab countries in accordance with the laws implemented by each country. The Society also aimed to develop laws and regulations in both local and international levels to help solve the possible problems that will come up related to industrial property protection. Various professionals including a group of specialists concerned about the intellectual property practices supported the objective. On May 31, 1987, the Arab Society for the protection of Industrial property was established as public profit Jordanian Society based on the provisions described in the 1966 Social Societies and Commissions No. 33 and on the 1971 Modified Law No.9. [2]

The name of the Society was modified several times in conjunction with the organizations expansion of activities. In 2001, it was named “The Arab Society for protecting Intellectual Property/Jordan.”

The Society’s objective is not only centered on intellectual property protection but also the resolution of conflicts. In 2003, the name of the society was eventually changed to The Arab Intellectual Property, Mediation and Arbitration Society (AIPMAS) and they also created the Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Intellectual Property. [3]


The main objective of AIPMAS is to develop and strengthen the system for intellectual property protection through science and research independently. Distribution of scientific publications, arrange scientific conferences, research seminars, and the assignment of preparing research etc. [4]

The special of AIPMAS as enumerated in the its’ website include:

  1. Boost the awareness of the members of the society regarding the importance of providing international protection for intellectual property which include patents, trademarks, industrial drawings and models, fighting imitation and unfair competition.
  2. Enhancement and unification of international legislations practices in the fields of intellectual property.
  3. Continuation of efforts to develop and organize international conventions in intellectual property based on the provisions of Paris convention on March 20, 1883.
  4. Provide professional trainings for personnel working in the field of intellectual property.
  5. Resolve all intellectual property conflicts using mediation and arbitration or other practiced alternative ways to resolve the issues. Establish a committee or a center with competent jurisdiction in implementing rules and regulations necessary to solve the problems. Furthermore, delegate Board of Directors responsible in carrying out decisions to accomplish the Society’s objective in resolving IP related conflicts and adopt the rules of the Arab Center of Mediation and Arbitration for Intellectual Property.

The Arab Center for Mediation and Arbitration in intellectual Property

The Arab Center for Mediation and Arbitration in intellectual Property was formed during a joint meeting between the Jordanian Committee of Intellectual Property in e-commerce and the AIPMAS on August 13, 2003.

The Center functions under the supervision of the Society. It is responsible in managing and implementing conflict resolutions by following its own mediation and arbitration rules created by an executive committee that reports to the Society’s Board of Directors. [5]

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors of the Society include: [6]

  1. His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Assfoor
  2. His Excellency Mr. Ammeen Al Husseiny
  3. His Excellency Mr. Munther Al Massry
  4. His Excellency Mr. George Hazboon
  5. Dr. Omar Al Jazy
  6. Professor Mohammed Jameel Al Shalaby
  7. Mohammed Adnan Sbeeh


On September 28, 2010, the Arab Center for Domain Name Dispute Resolution (ACDR),co-established by AIPMAS and the Arab Society for Intellectual Property (ASIP) submitted its application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN) to be accredited as one of the official dispute resolution providers under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).[7]