Abhijan Bhattacharyya

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Affiliation: Tata Consultancy Services
Country: India
Email: abhijan.bhattacharyya@gmail.com

Abhijan Bhattacharyya hails from the city of Kolkata, India. He has studied from the University of Kolkata with a specialization in Information Technology. At present his research interest is in wireless protocols at large and particularly in the domain of constrained networks particularly for IoT.


Bhattacharyya has previously supported several critical projects on contemporary wireless baseband communication protocols for different vendors in UK and USA. At present he is working as a Scientist in TCS Research, Kolkata, India. He has authored RFC7967 which includes a new option in the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) designed for IoT.

ICANN Involvement

Abhijan Bhattacharyya has been involved in the multistakeholder initiative by the Govt. of India. He has been actively involved in spreading the IETF and ICANN awareness in India.


He has graduated in Science with Honours in Electronics and graduated in technology in Information Technology.