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Country: UK, US, Southeast Asia
Email: creator.phoenix [at]
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Alexander Phoenix is a professional writer, poet, artist and sculptor. He also makes feature-length movies that include both live action and sophisticated 3D graphics, and has run his own computer game development company besides.

Alexander Phoenix is engaged in writing several books, including his autobiography. He also designs extremely sophisticated play-sets and toys for children.

Alexander Phoenix has contributed quite a few articles to this site, and rather enjoys writing for ICANNWiki


Commercial and professional writing. Also author of several books, short stories and poetry. Professional digital and 3D graphics artist. Painter. Sculptor. Movie producer and director. Much more, but too much to list here.

Always interested in new projects and avenues of effort, just so long as they are fascinating and original.

Significant Areas of Expertise

CEO, The Kotarkh Empire

Media Production Industry

February 1999 – January 2006 (7 years)

'The Kotarkh Empire' was an interesting diversification of skills, and involved the efforts of a team from around the world. Some of the projects started by the Kotarkh Empire are current today, including a feature length movie that involves fictional characters from computer games created under the auspices of the Kotarkh Empire.

Alexander Phoenix is now active in organizations engaged in aiding disadvantaged street children in South East Asia, as well as in aiding other similar causes.


He has contributed to the following articles: Afternic-AM, ANRT-AM,, DomainsBot-AM,,, Namebay-AM,,, Stargate-AM