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Andrea Romaoli Garcia is an Ambassador to the United Nations [1][2] against hunger and poverty representative to Simuka Africa Youth Association [3].

Career History

Garcia has been acting professionally for over 20 years for private companies, investors and specialized in the management and administration of non-profit organizations and Government Regulatory activities.[4]

As a lawyer, speaker and researcher she has gained knowledge from academic background and professional experience as an International Tax lawyer expert in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Brazil, Switzerland and New York with national and international prominence by Telecommunications and Internet Governance being global leader by the United Nations based in New York and Geneva for world defense of democracy and elections inside Human Rights principles.

Currently, her professional performance unfolds in several activities concentrated in governance, the United Nations, committees and consultative and active advocacy in International Courts and in Brazil.

Highlighted activities:


Financial Director by ADEPA/Brazil [6][7].

Director by Internet Society (New York) [8].

Member in Committee LAC Strategy by ICANN (NY/US) representing Latin America and the Caribbean.

Member to GDPR by ISOC /EURALO.

Intergovernmental member by United Nations/Switzerland and New York to represent Brazil at the IGF (Internet Governance Forum) Annual Forum in Geneva.

Member at ITU (International Telecommunication Union) representing UN/NY.

Editor Publisher [9] expert in BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCIES to Inderscience Publishers in Switzerland.

Reviewer [10] with International certificate.

Councilor in the Comiteé to guarantee the electoral practice and internet of the TSE/BRAZIL (Superior Court to Electoral Procedures).


Comendator granted by LEGISLATIVE POWER - Brazil.

Professor in the lato sensu master's degree course in Tax Law of IBET University [11].

Manager for System Forex Investments Brazil [12].

Lawyer and Consultant at Evisa Immigration [13]

Lawyer and CEO Founder at AA &G Lawyers - Law and Consultancy [14] [15].

Lawyer Associated with the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) and Co-author to BOOK [16] of the BEST PRACTICES GUIDE FOR ORGANIZATIONS OF THE THIRD SECTOR FOR THE CITY OF SÃO PAULO, edited by IBGC.

Associate member of the Brazilian Association of Criminal Lawyers (ABRACRIM).

Speaker at ISOC/Brazil [17].

Speaker [18] in Congress and Faculties on Human Rights and Democracy.

Advsior to the journal Fundamental Rights and Democracy of UNIBRASIL (CAPES A1).


Graduated in Law (UNIRP) [19]. Graduated in Business Administration from Universidade Veiga de Almeida - RJ. Postgraduate in Tax Law by IBET (Brazilian Institute of Tax Law), lato sensu. Post-graduation in Administrative Law from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC- SP) [20], lato sensu (to be completed). MBA Foundation for Project Management Getúlio Vargas (FGV RJ) [21]. I speak fluent English, medium Spanish and Italian, a learning German and Portuguese is my mother tongue.

ICANN and Internet Governance Participation

  • IGF 2018 as a SPEAKER: [24]
  • ICANN 61, Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico, SAN JUAN: [25]






AFRICAN LANGUAGE: Ibiobio and Swahili (in progress...)


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International Journal of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, 2018 .

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  1. ANDREA ROMAOLI GARCIA is one of the most influential women among governments by Internet and Telecommunication Governance - SIG Women: [36]
  2. I'm a tax lawyer reference to solve issues about laws that affect the citizens of a country. [37]
  3. ANDREA ROMAOLI GARCIA is delegate from Malta government to attend in Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 [38]