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Country: Serbia
Email: branislav.andjelic[at]
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Branislav Andjelić was the Director of the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry foundation (RNIDS); he held the position since 2011 until December 2012, and was involved in creating the organization. He is the previous Lead of the Development of the Information Society for the Serbian government (2001 - 2003). Mr. Andelić was the representative to ICANN's ccNSO, and was currently involved in its Finance Working Group.[1] Aside from his government experience, Branislav is also an accomplished executive and has had extensive experience in managing strategic information technology, data processing and data communications projects as well as managing large scale non-technology projects.[2]

Background, Internet Pioneer

Mr. Andjelić is an Internet pioneer in Serbia, and served as its first first minister of the Agency for Development of Information Technologies and the Internet. The agency was created after the end of the Kosovo War and ouster of Slobodan Milošević, and the agency was not part of any department but created a direct government post for Mr. Andjelić. The agency planned infrastructure for the nation and supported public education and IT empowerment projects for citizens and businesses. He was given this post after a personal invitation from the newly formed government to return while he was living abroad in Canada. He notes that the number of problems in Serbia inspired him again to once again apply himself to challenging problems and developing innovative solutions. It also offered a needed change of pace from the predictable work load and schedule he was living with in America and Canada. Branislav Andjelić lived in North America for 10 years, spending 6 years in Boston, and 4 years in Toronto. He worked in computer engineering, and also became a IT and Computer journalist.[3]

One of Branislav Andjelić's projects in America was, which first became an online destination for the Serbian people that were blocked from most portals, and later acted as a means for Serbian immigrants to get updates on the war from users uploading and reporting from those involved.[4]

As Conference Director, he planned and hosted the South Eastern Europe Conference on Policy and Cooperation in Telecommunications in 2002.[5] He was also the Conference Director for the South Eastern Europe Conference on Regional Security Through Data Protection, which was also held in 2002.[6]

He was an advocate for liberalization of the Telecom sector in Serbia, arguing that allowing competition would lower prices for citizens, attract more business, and improve the overall quality and the number of offerings provided.[7]

Between 2003 an 2011 Mr. Andelić was a crisis management consultant for dysfunctional organizations.[8]