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Industry: Internet, Domain Name
Founded: 1995
Headquarters: 500 East Amado, Suite 512 Palm Springs, CA
Country: USA
Key People
Victoria Castello, CFO

Kate Buckley, EVP
Joanne Bergstrom, VP Media Relations
Natalie Lambert, VP City Development

Castello Cities Internet Network, Inc. (CCIN) is a recognized Geo and Generic Domain Name Operator founded by Michael and David Castello, also known as the Castello Brothers, in 1995. The company's portfolio includes,,, etc.

The Castello Brothers

In 2008, the Castello Brothers received the 2008 Domainers Choice Awards for both the Domainers Rising Star and Domain Ambassador categories at the 2008 DOMAIN Fest Global Conference.[1] In addition, they also were inducted into the GEO Hall of Fame at 2nd Annual GEO Awards at the 2008 Geo Domain Expo in Chicago.[2] The brothers were also recognized as inductees into the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Hall of Fame and they also bagged the top individual award, Domainer of the Year, in 2009.

They have also been speakers at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., the Geo Expo, the DOMAIN Fest Global Conference, Borrell Local Interactive Advertising Conference, 2009 Domain Convergence and at the Domain Roundtable.

ICANN Membership

CCIN joined the ICANN Business Constituency in 2008.[3]


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