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The ccNSO Council is the administrative and decisional body of the ccNSO. It develops policy recommendations based on the work of the ccNSO's working groups, as well as guiding conversations and making decisions or recommendations on issues and policies that impact or are referred to the ccNSO.[1]


The Council is made up of 18 seats: three seats from each of the five ICANN geographic regions, and three seats that are filled by the Nominating Committee. Councilors are appointed for three-year terms, which may be renewed at the end of the term. Seats rotate annually, with each region and the NomCom appointing a new councilor each year.

Councilors must be nominated and seconded by ccNSO members in their region.[2] The NomCom endeavors to appoint Councilors who bring a different perspective from outside the ccTLD registry community.[2]