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Christian Roland is the CEO of ASSIST and Sales Manager of NIC.CI, the organization in charge of managing the .ci ccTLD. He has been involved in internet industry since he was a student of Laval University, Quebec, Canada 15 years ago. He is one of the first students of Cote D'ivoire to have used an email address which as he opened one in 1992. Roland lives in Cote D'ivoire, is married and has a dauther.

He has shown active interest in GNSO (Generic Names Supporting Organization) and relative topics. He has represented NIC.CI in international events and meetings such as ccTLD Conferences, ICANN, and AfriNIC events and meetings.[1].

Career History

  • In 1998, Christian Roland founded ASSIST an internet company providing web site hosting services and creation and development of websites and internet applications.
  • In 2002, he joined NIC.CI. He is currently working as the sales manager of the company. He took part in the development process of the new commercial policy of .ci.
  • From 2007 he became the treasurer of ISOC-CI. He is currently in charge of GOUV.CI