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Consulintel logo.png
Industry: IT
Headquarters: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Country: Spain
Facebook: Consulintel Facebook
LinkedIn: Consulintel LinkedIn
Twitter: TwitterIcon.png@TheIPv6Company
Key People
Jordi Palet Martinez, CEO/CTO

Consulintel, which is the abbreviated name of "Consultores Integrales en Telecomunicaciones", is a IT company providing solutions for telecommunications and networking systems, including consultancy, system integration, support, maintenance and various other services and products. The main focus of the company lies in providing integral services to the customers relating to the market leading technologies and their solutions for any kind of problem which could range from local and remote to global and metropolitan networking systems.

Various Fields of Operation

Consulintel offers solutions to financial corporations, operators, internet, ecommerce ISPs and general IT matters related to communications. The company also caters to various other markets associated with Military/ Defense, education and government. The firm provides supports all steps of system integration right from the phase of product import to its configuration and development within the premises of the customer.

This IT solutions firm is an active member of several non-profit organizations which works towards technology dissemination and promotion on communications and networking. The company was started n 1999 and pioneered the networking, systems and communications industry with their focus on research, development, standardization, innovation, information, IPv6 deployment and consultancy in the worldwide scale. [1]


The services offered by Consulintel cover a broad spectrum of customized services and solutions, targeted towards the achievement of productivity and faster measures for all business objectives. The main goal of the company lies in the providing complete solutions in ITC sector and there extensive range of services include:[2]

  • Training
  • Consultancy in IT
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Network Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Web Development

Specialized Services

Consulintel specializes in all the different aspects of IPv6 and thus offers the following services:

  • IPv6 Deployment consultancy
  • IPv6 testing solutions
  • IPv6 Training
  • Support for Tenders
  • Reasoned IPv6 deployment strategy.
  • IPv6 addressing plan
  • Existent network analysis
  • New network management and maintenance plan

Other Services

Consulintel also offers a number of services in the area of analysis, design:

  • Giant operators, ISP and corporate networks, also taking into account different access technologies such as FTTx, 3G/GPRS/LTE, xDSL etc.
  • Services like FTP, DNS, Email, Web, Streaming etc.
  • Address management plans
  • Guaranteed IPv6 secured network.
  • Routing protocols like IS-IS, MPLS, OSPF, BGP, etc.


Consulintel also offers the customers various specialized solutions[3] as follows:

  • Domotics, Home & Office Automation
  • Indusrial Automation
  • M2M (Machine to Machine Communications)
  • Security
  • Sensor Networks
  • Location of special products
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Security Services

The company takes security as their key priority service and thus they provide security coverage on Internal, Perimeter, Applications, Contents or Data etc. IDS/IPS, SOHO plus giant corporate solutions, firewalls and public administration solutions are used for perimeter security. For content or data security antivirus, antimalware and antispam are offered. For data protection, it implements measures to obstruct external unauthorized access.


Consulintel has entered into strategic alliances with key vendors and Technological Partners, which include companies like Cisco, Lantronix, D-Link, McAfee - Secure Computing, Allied Telesis, Perle, Allied Telesis and Galleon.[4]