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The Contracted Party House (CPH) is one of two houses in the GNSO, with the other being the Non-Contracted Party House. The CPH includes the two stakeholder groups, the Registry Stakeholder Group and the Registrar Stakeholder Group.[1]

GNSO Council Appointees

Six representatives from the Contracted Parties House are appointed to the GNSO Council, plus one voting Nominating Committee Appointee (NCA). Three representatives are drawn from the Registry Stakeholder Group, and three from the Registrar Stakeholder Group.

Registry Stakeholder Group

Registrar Stakeholder Group

Nominating Committee Appointee


  1. GNSO Council These stakeholder groups represent the companies that enter into contracts with ICANN to either maintain and operate a gTLD, in the case of Registries, or sell domain names in the case of Registrars.