Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance

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Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance
Status: Active
Issue Areas: Internet Governance
Date Established: November 2013
Charter: WG Charter
Workspace: Community Wiki

The Cross-Community Working Group on Internet Governance was created in November 2013 at ICANN 48 as a means of participation and engagement with upcoming Internet governance events, specifically NETmundial.[1] The CCWG had three initial charter members: the ccNSO; the gNSO; and ALAC; as well as members from the GAC, SSAC, and RSSAC.[1]


At ICANN 48, Fadi Chehade led a community discussion on preparations for the upcoming NETmundial meeting in Brazil.[2] Chehade initially proposed that the meeting might spur the SOs and ACs to create two CCWGs: one for collecting input on ICANN's participation in NETmundial, and one focused on the continued development of the 1net mailing list and refining its purpose as a platform for discussion of governance issues.[3] During the conversation, Milton Mueller, Bertrand de la Chapelle, and Olivier Crepin-Leblond all suggested that one CCWG focused on Internet governance was likely more appropriate. A number of commenters agreed that, although the scope and shape of ICANN's contributions to NETmundial and beyond were likely to grow and expand beyond the confines of any working group, a focus within ICANN would be useful.[3]

In December 2013, Evan Leibovitch submitted a proposed set of objectives, goals, and purposes of the CCWG.[4] The proposal was received positively, and formed the basis for the group's work during 2014. The original charter for the group was first ratified by the ccNSO in September 2014, and subsequently by the GNSO in October 2014.[5]. However, there were ongoing conversations regarding the purpose of both the working group and any charter document.[6] This led the working group to consider the possibility of acting as an "Engagement Group" instead.[6]

Although it is considered an active and ongoing working group, the CCWG-IG's activity has diminished since 2019.[7]