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DOTZON Logo .png
Type: Private Limited Company
Industry: Internet
Founded: 2005
Founder(s): Dirk Krischenowski,
Johannes Lenz-Hawliczek
Katrin Ohlmer
Headquarters: Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg, HRB 118598
Country: Germany
Key People
Katrin Ohlmer, CEO

DOTZON is a consultancy helping companies or organizations with their application for a new generic top level domain name (gTLDs) with ICANN. The company was founded by Dirk Krischenowski, Johannes Lenz-Hawliczek and Katrin Ohlmer in 2005. It is based in Germany[1] [2]


The company provides the following services to its customers:

  • Strategic advice and identification of opportunities for the application of new top level domains
  • Feasibility study for the business and development of legal framework
  • Development of business and financial plans
  • Capital recovery
  • Establishment of partnerships with appropriate partners such as back-end registries
  • Content, organizational and project management
  • Assistance in administration such as accounting and personnel
  • Preparation for application with ICANN and lobbying with interests groups
  • Planning and registration policy implementation
  • Sales and Marketing development for top level domains


DOTZON has consulted over 30 gTLD projects in the 2012 application round at ICANN and has written 24 applications including DAX 30 companies (e.g. Volkswagen) top 10 family owned companies in Germany (e.g. Stada) but also in the USA, Luxembourg (Ikano), China and Italy (Lamborghini). Clients for generic gTLDs include .hamburg, .berlin, .wien, .tirol, .ruhr, .bayern, .koeln, .hotel, .gmbh, .reise, .versicherung, .immo, and .hiv.

ICANN Involvement

The company's founders are active in participating in ICANN's different activities and meetings. Katrin Ohlmer, CEO and co-founder of DOTZON, regularly shared her ideas and opinions regarding the different issues discussed by the ICANN community. She actively provided a series of comments regarding the Draft Application Guidebook (DAG) for a period of five years. Ohlmer commented on the DAG4, encouraging ICANN to implement a reliable time frame for the application process in relationship with the implementation of new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), and to finalize the resolution of issues raised by the Internet community regarding the IP Clearing House, economic studies, morality and public order, and the use of clear language in the Applicant Guidebook.[3]

In 2009, Ohlmer was among signatories that submitted a letter to ICANN in support of the implementation of new top-level domain names. [4] She was a member of the Vertical Integration Policy Development Process Working Group of the Generic Names Supporting Organization.[5]