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Email: d [at] xyz.com
LinkedIn: link=Daniel Negari   [Daniel Negari Daniel Negari]
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Daniel Negari is the Founder of XYZ.COM LLC and the CEO of Cyber2Media, Inc.[1], which acquires and develops high-end web properties[2]. Negari is the sole applicant for the gTLD .xyz and has also applied for .now and .college. [3]

Career History

Negari began his first business at the age of twelve, when he sold custom-made computers through a website he built with friends. By the age of 18, he was working in the real estate industry as an apprentice to a Los Angeles mortgage broker.[4]

In 2006, he began Beverly Hills Mint, a real estate finance business that brokered commercial and residential loans worth more than $5 million.[4]

Fun Fact

Daniel is a self-professed yoga enthusiast.[3]


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