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Country: Brazil
Email: demi [at]
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Dr. Demi Getschko is the Director and President of[1] and a former member of the ICANN Board.[2] Dr. Getschko has been involved in Internet development since 1987 and was the part of the team that created the first Internet connection in Brazil.[3] He has been the administrative contact for .br since 1989, and a member of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee since 1995.

He served two terms as a Director of the ICANN Board, from 2005 until June 2009, representing the ccNSO.[4][5]

Dr. Getschko has also worked at the University of São Paulo as a professor and an IT consultant, he has been the manager of the Fapesp Data Center (1986-1996), which is a state academic network. He became the Technology Director within the major Brazilian newspaper, Agencia Estado, in 1996 . He is also a former Operations Coordinator at RNP.[6]

He has been involved in ISOC since 1995 and is currently the Vice-President of the Brazil Chapter. He was a Global Panelist Speaker at INET 2012.[5][7]


Dr. Demi Getschko completed his B.S., M.S. and PhD. at the University of São Paulo.[8]

Fun Facts

Dr. Getschko's first interaction with computers was a Burroughs 3500 in 1971. His first contact with the Internet was through a colleague of Vint Cerf's, Prof. Mario Gerla, and who taught a course in Packet Networks.

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