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Country: Spain
Email: djs [at]

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Dietmar J. Stefitz (1952-2020) was involved in entrepreneurial Internet projects from 1994 to his passing in early December 2020. He was well known for growing Domaining Europe and guiding its merger with NamesCon to become NamesCon Europe.[1]


He founded BemarNet Management in 1995, in 2012, and Inverdom, an investment and service company in the Internet domain sector, in 2008. From 2008 to 2018, Stefitz organized and hosted the annual domainer conference Domaining Europe in his hometown Valencia, Spain. He was Vice President of ANPROTEL, which was a founding member of EuroISPA. In 1999, Stefitz helped acquire four IPSs for PSInet USA. In 2016, Stefitz founded and became Chief Executive Officer of The Name SHOW S.L. and organized awareness-raising conferences all over Europe. These events are dedicated to niches, such as start-ups, and Domains, Brands and Domains, academia, and domains. In 2017, he was Ambassador for Europe for

ICANN Involvement

Stefitz was involved with ICANN for over 20 years. Notably, toward community building, in 2015, Stefitz and Ramón Rautenstrauch organized a virtual headquarters in L'Eliana, Valencia, Spain, for interested individuals to participate in ICANN 53, which was taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[2]


He studied at Berufsschule Klagenfurt from 1968 to 1971 and Industrial Merchandising at Handelsakademie Klagenfurt from 1971 to 1974.[3]

Personal Life

Stefitz was born and raised in Austria.