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Founded: 1997
Headquarters: EuroISPA Secretariat,
39, Rue Montoyer
B - 1000 Brussels
Key People
Malcolm Hutty (LINX), President
Oliver Sueme (eco), Vice-President
Innocenzo Genna (AIIP), Treasurer

The EuroISPA is an abbreviation for European Internet Service Providers Association. It is a pan-European association established by ISP associations operating within the European Union. Established in 1997, EuroISPA now has more than ten member associations with one associate member, and is now the largest association of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The EuroISPA has a secretariat based in Brussels.

The Council of the EuroISPA meets four times annually to discuss various issues concerning the Internet industry in the European Union. It is considered the main voice of all ISPs within the EU. Due to its ability to reflect on the views of ISPs of all sizes and shapes from across its members, the EuroISPA is considered an umbrella association for ISPs all around the world.[1]


The Council of the EuroISPA comprises of associations from EU Member States. Every EuroISPA member elects a representative to the Council and this representative is charged with the responsibility of tabling the views of their respective association to the EuroISPA. Each year, the Council appoints a group of officers comprising of a President, one or more Vice Presidents, and a Treasurer. These members conduct the duties that ensure continued functioning of the association. The Council also appoints the Secretary General who represents the EuroISPA and is responsible for conducting the day-to-day affairs of the EuroISPA.[2]


EuroISPA is the largest association of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), representing the interests of more than 1700 ISPs across Europe.[3]

Members of EuroISPA are as follows:[4]

AFA Association des Fournisseurs d'Accès et de Services Internet
AIIP Associazione Italiana Internet Providers
ANISP The National Association of ISPs of Romania
CZ.NIC Czech Internet Association
ECO Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft
FFT Fédération Française des Télécoms
FiCom Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics
ICT Norway Internet Service Providers Association of Norway
ISPA Austria Internet Service Providers Austria
ISPA Belgium Internet Service Providers Association Belgium
ISPAI Internet Service Providers Association of Ireland
ISPA UK Internet Services Providers Association UK
LINX The London Internet Exchange


Safer Internet: The EuroISPA has always been an active player in putting forward its views related to the safe use of the Internet for children. It has also provided parents and guardians with the necessary tools to give the best use of all the positive aspects of the internet for children. [5] As recently in January 2011, the EuroISPA proposed a total ban of offending websites rather than merely blocking them. [6]


EuroISPA was one of the key players in ensuring that the private sector-led ICANN is preserved as is, arguing that ICANN is one of the most important factors contributing towards the success of the Internet. EuroISPA, along with the ETNO and GSMA, expressed its concern to the EU about the preservation of ICANN for the development of the Internet and for efficient technical coordination and management of the internet’s Domain Name Addressing Systems, which are a core mission of ICANN.[7]