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Dipcon logo.gif
Type: Privately Held
Industry: Information Technology and Services
Founded: Sweden, 2000
Ownership: House of Ports
Headquarters: House of Ports AB
c/o Dipcon AB, William Gibsons vag 1
Jonsered, 43376
Country: Sweden
Employees: 11-50
Website: Dipcon.com
LinkedIn: dipcon-ab

Domain and Intellectual Property Consultants, abbreviated as Dipcon, is a company offering services such as litigation, consultation, investigation and domain name management. The company also provides consultation services on matters of intellectual property as related to domain names. Dipcon is a part of the House of Ports,[1] a Swedish company group, and is a sister concern of Domaininfo.com, which is the first domain name registrar to be accredited by ICANN.[2]

Dipcon does business with companies on a global scale, selecting companies which are stringent in service, availability and quality services. The company offers guaranteed services to the customers with management of trademarks, hosting and domain name services.


The company claims to have both technical as well as legal know how on the related subject matters. They provide the following services:[3]

Domain Names

Domain names are important to maintain the intangible assets as well as the sales channels of companies. Below is the list of services offered by the company in this category -

  • Domain Management Service
  • Changing registrar
  • Changing ownership
  • New registrations
  • Global registration
  • Local contact
  • Domain Name Translation
  • Registry lock
  • Monitor / Backorder service

Consultancy Services

Dipcon offers trademark and domain portfolio management and consultancy services for disputes, acquisition and strategy issues concerning trademarks and domain names. The services under this category include -

  • Domain name strategies
  • Acquisition
  • Warning letters
  • Dispute resolution
  • Cybersquatting
  • Due Dilligence
  • Domännamnsutredning

Monitoring services

Monitoring services are offered by the company for contextual identification of trademarks and names of a particular company appearing online and take action against potential privacy infringement. The monitoring services assist a company on gathering information on how the company’s name, product names and trademarks are being illegally used online. These services are designed to assist the company in fast identification of the criminals and also facilitate the monitoring process using a marketing strategy. The services in this category are -

  • Auction Watch
  • Domain Name Watch
  • Web Page & Whois Change Watch
  • Web Content Watch


These services are provided to safeguard the trademark of a company both on a local and a global scale. Services offered in this regard include –

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Classes
  • Renewal
  • Registrations
  • Objections
  • Injunctions


Dipcon is experienced in dealing with law cases concerning intellectual properties such as trademarks and domain names and extend services in assisting various business to resolve dispites, strategy issues and acquisition of trademarks and domain names.


The hosting services of Dipcon allows a company to avail of the following benefits –

  • Web hosting
  • E-mail
  • DNS
  • Forwarding web
  • Backup
  • SSL certificate
  • Server operation

Web design

Dipcon also offers web design services using new technology, innovation features and unique creative strategies with optimization facilities.