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Status: proposed
Language: French/English
Type: General
Community: No
Key People
Jean Guillon, gTLD specialist

DotVinum was a project initiated by French gTLD specialist Jean Guillon, interested in applying for the .wine gTLD to be used by businesses and professionals engaged in the wine industry worldwide.[1] Mr. Guillon developed the project for almost three years and had been negotiating with interested parties; after finding a potential partner, and collaborating and sharing his ideas and knowledge, he was ditched by his potential partner after 5 months, who apparently wanted to apply for the .wine gTLD without him. After the public fallout, Mr. Guillon was once again looking for a partner and also informing himself as to any possible legal action available to him.[2]

It seems that neither Mr. Guillon nor his partner ended up applying for the extension. Three entities applied for .wine with ICANN: Donuts, Famous Four Media, and Afilias.[3]