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General Information
Type: ALS
Country: Colombia
Region: LAC
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Red Internacional de Diseño (EnREDo) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 that focuses on promoting design, heritage, and information and communication technologies (ICT). Its primary objective is to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration through networking, targeting professionals in these areas.

Activities and Services

enREDo organizes academic events, both in-person and virtual, with an emphasis on ICT literacy and the effective social use of technology. These events aim to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and the professional development of participants. The organization also offers consultancy and advisory services related to the development of pedagogical and interactive content.

Further, enREDo engages in activities related to the management of documentary information, including its collection, conservation, organization, and dissemination. These activities support the construction of knowledge platforms that utilize ICTs to improve information accessibility.

Educational Innovations

The organization introduces new learning and training methodologies through digital tools like webdocs and serious games. These tools are intended to facilitate learning by making it engaging and interactive, thus appealing to diverse audiences.

Specialized Social Networks

enREDo has established specialized social networks addressing specific social challenges. For example, Sexualizatic focuses on promoting Sexual and Reproductive Rights and preventing teenage pregnancy. Another network, aimed at preventing online harassment and bullying, is dedicated to research and intervention in cyberbullying.[1]